(This is used to copy the string to the clipboard.)

Katex auto-rendering

Katex auto-rendering takes all snippets of text between delimiters and replaces that snippet of text (including delimiters) by the rendered version of that snippet of text (excluding delimiters), if rendering succeeds. I use the following to quickly transform latex into Ans' version of Katex: Copy the text to the text area, and click the button. The corresponding katex is then copied to your clipboard and can be pasted to Ans.

(In interactive mode, the text auto-rendered anytime the input changes. Otherwise, you should click the button.)
Demo output Temp

See how the given text renders with Katex's auto-render feature (using $...$, \(..\), $$...$$, and \[...\] as delimiters):


See how the given text is parsed by Katex's auto-render feature. Regular text in blue, correctly parsed text in green, incorrectly parsed text in red:


See how the given text is parsed by Katex's auto-render feature. In particular, this shows all snippets that are being rendered by Katex, and indicates whether rendering succeeded (green) or not (red, with error message):


About this website

The official Katex website can be found here: katex.org. This website uses Katex to format the mathematics, and uses the Katex libraries to parse the input, among others.

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