Extracting your input from an Ans-export

This website allows to extract the relevant information from an assignment exported from Ans (via Settings -> Exports). It can process both the zip-files as a whole, or the individual xml-files. I have tested this with my own exams, in Edge and Chrome on Windows 10. If you run into any issues, please let me know, via email.
I use this website as follows. If I have included criteria in one version of the exam, I export that exam and upload it here (with the textbox checked). I then copy a criteria to the clipboard using the "Copy" buttons. The criterion can then be pasted in Ans.
Select a qti.zip-file or an xml-file that is exported from Ans to extract the katex code it contains. Note that the output mixes html (such as <em>..</em>) with katex (delimited by $$..$$, $$$..$$$, \(..\), \[..\]).

By checking this textbox, buttons appear to copy each part of the output to your clipboard (experimental).

(The above textbox is needed to copy to clipbaord)

Extracted output

The extracted information will appear here once a file has been selected.

About this website

List of things to do (at some point in the future):
  1. Add a button to copy the text to clipboard (allowing to paste it to Ans again). [This has been implemented, but is not tested thoroughly.]
  2. Put all the output in a file and make it possible to download that file.
  3. Replace the html by latex (heuristically, or by formally parsing the katex code.
  4. Fix the order of the exercises, and remove the repeated descriptions. Can the order by retrieved from the qti-files?
  5. Revise the replacement of doubly escaped html-codes for <, > and &.
This website uses zip.js to unzip archives in javascript.